“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

After nearly two years on the road together, we have decided to start a blog chronicling our journeys and adventures. The last two years have taken us to 4 continents together, and there is still plenty more left to see!

Elena is 26 years old from the United States. I’m 27 years old from England. We share a lot of passions and hope to show them through our writing and photography. Currently, we live in a small city called Yiwu in China; it is on the east coast, about 1.5 hours south west of Shanghai by bullet train. We both teach English at a Kindergarten, saving money towards our next adventures in India, Europe, Africa, and beyond.

My most recent profession is as an English teacher, before that I was a soldier. I served on two tours of Afghanistan; my experiences in that country now drive many of my passions. Elena has worked extensively in education; she has a degree in Psychology and is an avid Yogini! We both share the love of travel, exploring new cultures, and seeing the world.

We will use this sight to promote our photography and thoughts from the road. I use a Nikon D3300 and a Samsung S6, Elena uses the DSLR and her Iphone 6. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.


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  1. I love that quote by Mark Twain! Sometimes I feel like I want to shake people and physically make them internalize that perspective… but really all I can do is be content to live it out myself and meet awesome people who do the same!
    My boyfriend (American) and I (South African) have been doing the traveling, working, teaching English thing as well, met in Taiwan and we will probably be in SA again soon. Message me when you guys want to adventure in South Africa; if both sides are confident that the others are at least a little crazy, we always love meeting fellow travelers and I love sharing SA with others!

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